Nexar Football is a media and management company working within the football industry. Central elements of the company’s activity are the development of formats, production and players´ management. We think that this combination is ground covering to create entertainment of the future for the football fans and also that the media format gives a platform and a display for young talented football players. This creates bigger opportunities for helping and marketing the players to achieve professional contracts. Nexar Football is a subsidiary to the NGM listed company Nexar Group AB (publ).


The business concept of Nexar Football is to develop and produce the talent format FOOTBALL DREAMZ on a global TV market and to establish in players´ management for talented football players all over the world.


The Nexar Football vision is to establish FOOTBALL DREAMZ as a global and well-known talent format on all continents, both for ladies and men´s football. The purpose of Nexar Football is also to establish as an important players´ management company where the combination with FOOTBALL DREAMZ makes us attractive for young talented players.



We have created the talent format FOOTBALL DREAMZ, a new and unique entertainment concept for the sport fans focusing on the development of talents and players´ management. FOOTBALL DREAMZ is a modern reality show in which young selected football talents will be given the opportunity to win a professional contract with an European professional club.


We have an international club network of more than 30 clubs and collaborations with both scouters, advisers, sport directors and players. In our club network we give the opportunity to young talented players to be invited for try outs and evaluation where the players and clubs have the possibility to get to know each other.