We are going to appoint a Head of Production team of two to five people who are going to lead the production closely together with external partners. In our opinion, it is an advantage to make a co-production with a big international production company to guarantee a very high quality on the format. We will complete with support from local production resources depending on the country and place of recording.

Through the parent company Nexar Group we have experience of producing talent formats and we have earlier made a co-production with the Spanish international production company Grupo Secuoya. This was found to be a successful partnership and therefor FOOTBALL DREAMZ is looking for the collaboration with a bigger international production company.


We are building a network to create knowledge of the format as a part of our marketing of FOOTBALL DREAMZ. Together with our superstars, coaches, TV hosts, etc. we are working on a wide marketing where we for example can use their names and social channels. We also have agreements with several football clubs, national federations and journalists for distribution and marketing through their digital channels. We expect to reach at least 20 million potential viewers this way.

To increase our potential to reach a big target group we are also going to organize scouting programs to participate in FOOTBALL DREAMZ and organize match events together with football clubs and/or federations. We expect to reach hundred thousands of people through these activities. These kind of activities will also generate an income in form of participation fees and gate money, read more under “Financial overview”.


We have created the talent format FOOTBALL DREAMZ, a new and unique entertainment concept for the sport fans focusing on the development of talents and players´ management. FOOTBALL DREAMZ is a modern reality show in which young selected football talents will be given the opportunity to win a professional contract with an European professional club.

Young football talents will be chosen from about ten countries around the world, e.g. Sweden, Spain, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, France, England and the USA. During the recordings these players will be drilled by and grow together with renowned coaches, well-known professional football players and legends. Everything will be broadcasted by digital channels and traditional TV.

The format focuses on everything that happens on the football field, where the players will be challenged in exercises and matches. The format will also throw light on things that happens outside the field and reflect the cultural differences between the players and common prime movers to succeed in the football world.

The participants will be judged by a renowned jury, and in some features by text message votes from the viewers.

One of the objectives with the talent format is to find the next generations of Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan, Thomas, Mbappé or Mané.

The majority of the players participating in FOOTBALL DREAMZ will be represented by Nexar Football and the goal is that many of these talents shall achieve a professional contract.


We will seek a strategic collaboration with a leading media company to reach a great number of viewers. Thanks to our strong network in Africa, we are today having serious conversations about a distribution collaboration with some bigger African broadcasters. Distributing FOOTBALL DREAMZ through these broadcasters we would reach millions of viewers in Africa. In all deliberations the aim is to broadcast FOOTBALL DREAMZ during peak viewing time, which will increase the probability for high ratings.

Collaborating with a big media company is not only a guarantee for reaching a big number of viewers, but it also opens the door to more distribution agreements in other African regions and in other continents.


The voting procedure will be an important component in FOOTBALL DREAMZ. Each week we will have different types of voting where the viewers have the opportunity to influence on the program and their participants. In some stages there will be a professional jury judging, but others can be completely based on the viewer’s votes, or a combination of viewers and jury.
There is a great income potential in the voting procedure and therefore we are looking for collaborations with bigger telecoms companies in Africa, as they both have the experience and the platform to handle text message voting.