We have a scouting network which today is active in nine countries where we cooperate with global collaborators in national football federations, clubs, academies, sport directors and advisors. We are going to organize scouting programs were we evaluate thousands of players with the aim to place about ten players/programs for try outs in professional clubs. We are fully aware of that the market for players is extremely tough and competitive. Our objective is that four of the ten players succeed to get a contract.


We have a collaboration agreement with KIFA, owned by the Nigerian former star player Nwankwo Kanu. Kanu has played in e.g. Ajax, Inter, Arsenal and the National team of Nigeria. The collaboration means that we act as advisors for selected talents from the KIFA´s academies in Nigeria with the goal to place the players in a professional club in our network.
The intention is also to organize common scouting programs together with KIFA to find talented players to participate in FOOTBALL DREAMZ. These scouting programs will be based on the existing organization of KIFA, which means that the selection would be done from 60 training centres in 36 federal states in Nigeria. This gives a potential number of participants of more than 100 000 football players between the age of 17-19.


The players´ market is a billion industry and we see great opportunities for Nexar Football to establish itself on the market.

We are going to establish as an important players´ management company where the combination with FOOTBALL DREAMZ will make us attractive for young talented players. 

All our players are given a strong and solid representation where we do professional evaluations and have a constructive dialogue to help them to grow as a football player and person. 

We have today management contracts with twelve players whereof nine of them have represented their respective country’s senior and/or youth national teams. One of our players has currently a short time contract with the Slovenian NK Jadran Dekani, in the second league.


We have an international club network of more than 30 clubs and collaborations with both scouters, advisers, sport directors and players. In our club network we give the opportunity to young talented players to be invited for try outs and evaluation where the players and clubs have the possibility to get to know each other.